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Контрольная работа по английскому языку вариант 2 - Контрольная работа


Задание 1

Задание 2

Задание 3

Задание 4

Задание 5

Задание 6

Задание 7

Задание 8

Введение (выдержка)

Task 2: Match the two parts.

1. takes things from a shop without paying steals - e) a shoplifter

2. marries illegally while being already married - l) a bigamist

Task 3: Choose the right answer.

1. The policeman asked the suspect to make a statement.

a) account

b) declaration

c) deposition

d) statement

Основная часть (выдержка)

Task 4 : Put each of the following words and phrases into its correct place.

1. accused

2. court

3. judge

4. legislature

5. panel

6. trial

7. acquit

8. cross-examination

9. jurors

10. list

11. sentence

12. witnesses

13. civil suits

14. fault

15. jury

16. money

17. swear

18. counsel

19. guilty

20. legal disputes

21. officer

22. testimony

A jury is a selected group of laymen that hears the trial in court and decides the facts.

Task 5: Read and translate the text.

Legal profession.

The legal profession has existed for over two thousands years. From the Greek city – states and the Roman Empire to present day. The word “lawyer” describes person who has become officially qualified to act in certain legal matters because of examinations he or she has taken and professional experience he or she has gained. Nowadays lawyers perform four major functions.

First, lawyers counsel. This means that lawyers offer advice to their clients. Second, lawyers negotiate. They mediate between competing aiming for results that will prove advantageous to their clients.

Third, lawyers draft documents. It is the most intellectually challenging function.

Fourth, they litigate. But only a small fraction of all lawyers devote much time to courtroom activities. Lawyers play a vital and active role in the formulation and administration of laws. Because of their role in society and their close involvement in the administration of law, lawyers are subject to special standards, regulation, and liability. Judicial ethics consist of the standards and norms that bear on judges and covers such matters as how to maintain independence, impartiality, and avoid impropriety.

For example, in the USA Disciplinary a state judicial commission typically controls actions for infractions of the rules of conduct by state judges. Their responsibility is to deal with complaints of judicial misconduct. If a complaint directed to the judicial commission passes the screening and deposition phases, it is investigated and a trial-like hearing is instituted. Judicial committees typically have the power to sanction a judge and to require a judge to retire or resign.

The rate at which the legal profession grows is terrific. Why is the career in law so popular? In the USA the average salary of experienced lawyer in private practice is more than $ 100,000.

Lawyer’s salaries are substantially greater than those of many other professions.


Профессия юриста существует больше двух тысяч лет. Из греческого города – государства и Римская империя до настоящего момента. Слово “адвокат” описывает человека, который стал официально компетентным, чтобы действовать в определенных правовых вопросах и экспертиз, которые пуличили профессиональный опыт.В наше время адвокаты выполняют четыре главных функции.

Заключение (выдержка)

Task 6: Translate into Russian.

1. officially qualified - официально квалифицированы

2. legal matters - юридические вопросы

3. professional experience - профессиональный опыт

Task 7: Answer the questions to the text.

1. When did the legal profession appear?

The legal profession has existed for over two thousands years.

2. What does the word “lawyer” describe?


Task 8: Open the brackets and use the verb in the correct form.

Some persons believe that legal profession is a way to earn one’s living and that this job produces illegal profits. To get profession help we turn to a lawyer (a person, who works with machines, gains any injury or even a callosity).

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