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Английский язык. Практическое задание №1. ТЕМА: MY FUTURE PROFESSION - Практическая работа


Задание 1. Прочитайте текст

Задание 2. Прочтите и переведите текст. Пришлите ответ в электронном виде.

I am a student of the Correspondence department of the University.

I am specializing in Jurisprudence. I'm good at Legal Studies and hope to be a good specialist.

Lawyers have to solve many problems that still exist in our society. Their duty is not only to punish people for various crimes, but they must do their best to prevent crimes, to fight against evil in our society. Lawyers protect legal interests of citizens, institutions and organizations.

A lawyer must be interested in many subjects because he deals with many different people and various problems. He must be a well educated man with broad outlook to be successful in his profession. His language (speech) must be clear and simple.

The rate at which the legal profession is growing will probably continue. Why is the career in law so popular?

Of course, because of the prestige and salary. The average salary of an experienced lawyer is still substantially greater than that of many other professionals.

In some years I'll be able to find the job in accordance with the knowledge I get, because our department trains specialists for working in court, Notary and other juridical bodies.

Задание 3. Найдите в тексте английские эквиваленты следующих слов и словосочетаний. Пришлите ответы в электронном виде.

быть студентом (студенткой) заочного отделения; правоведение; решать многие проблемы; делать все возможное; интересоваться различными вопросами; широкий кругозор; престиж; средняя заработная плата; готовить специалистов для работы.

Задание 4. Ответьте на англ. языке на вопросы по тексту. Пришлите ответы в электронном виде.

1. What department do you study at?

2. What is your specialization?

3. What do usually lawyers do?

4. What kind of person must be a lawyer? Why?

5. Why do you think your future profession is popular today?

6. Have you already decided where you want to work?

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